WiFi - Indoor


Enterprise Data Services

EDS provides in-wall access points with 300Mbps data rate, designed for hotel mainly to provide guests and roomers secure Internet access and phone line connection in their hotel room, guest room, living room and lobby. It support 802.3af PoE, compliant with any 802.3af Power over Ethernet equipment, easy in setting and complete the full wifi coverage. The Access Controller System (ACS) is included in this Hotel Wi-Fi Solution, make IT staff fast to manage more than 200PCS AP through PC.


WiFi - Outdoor

EDS provides outdoor access points which deliver true 10X10:3 beamforming with 10 dual polarity antennas per band and 3 spatial streams. This high-performance access points is the ideal solution for operators deploying large-scale 3G/4G data offload, Wi-Fi access and enterprise networks.